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What is DEALGATE? DEALGATE provides a global platform where M&A professionals exchange M&A Opportunities in a closed and secure environment, find the latest M&A News and M&A research papers.
What services does DEALGATE offer? DEALGATE is the leading source for
  • Deal Matching & Sourcing: M&A professionals exchange M&A Opportunities and source mandates on our global, closed and secure platform
  • M&A News: Global M&A News briefs are provided daily, including speculations on the outcome of takeover bids, early news speculation and in-depth analysis on all aspects of the industry
  • M&A Research Library: We host research papers written by experts across the globe – it is the go-to resource for anyone interested in M&A intelligence and information
How would I benefit as a member?
  • Survey the global M&A market and source deals as well as mandates
  • Gain access to a larger M&A network, which increases the chance of finding the perfect match, accelerates the transaction process, enhances the transaction efficiency and reduces transaction costs: As other members will scan their own network for possible matches to your sell side and buy side profiles, your reach grows, your network multiplies, and your chances of success increase
  • Stay informed through access to the latest M&A News and insider best practice information
What makes DEALGATE unique? DEALGATE demands high ethical and business standards from its members in order to preserve the extraordinary quality and exclusivity of the platform. DEALGATE is confidential, closed, secure, intuitive to use and global.
Is DEALGATE a social networking platform? DEALGATE is not intended as a networking platform for individuals. For this purpose we invite you to our own group on LinkedIn.
Who are the owners of DEALGATE? Dealgate Ltd is an independent Swiss company owned by private individuals dedicated to the M&A industry.

About membership

Is it possible to get a free trial membership? Yes. We offer a free trial Premium membership. Just register as a member. You can unsubscribe at any time.
How can I register or subscribe? You can register here as a member.
Will I be automatically billed for membership after the trial period ends? Not at all! The membership will not be renewed automatically, unless the client authorizes us to do so.
What is the pricing of DEALGATE’s services? All services, terms, and pricing can be found in full after registering.
Does DEALGATE charge success fees for closed deals? Not at all! DEALGATE is neither a broker nor a participant in any transaction.
What are the client’s obligations to DEALGATE? DEALGATE demands high ethical and business standards from its members in order to preserve the extraordinary quality and exclusivity of the alliance. Our Terms & Conditions are transparent and online. Every member should conduct all DEALGATE interactions in a professional manner.
What happens to my membership after it expires? If you do not renew your Premium membership, it will automatically shift into a “Basic" one. As a Basic member, you will still be able to post and view M&A Opportunities - on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Who are the target clients? DEALGATE members are M&A professionals and business people from all over the world:
  • M&A Advisors (M&A consultants, investment banks, merchant banks, corporate finance advisors): Membership with an accredited national M&A or corporate finance association, or renowned company with a strong record in the M&A industry
  • Investors (Private equity firms, high net worth individuals, family offices): Membership with an accredited national private equity or venture capital association, or a track record of active investing
  • Corporate M&A (corporate development, corporate management, corporate strategy): Public listing, or above 500 employees
  • M&A lawyers
  • Other advisors (strategy consultants, lawyers, certified accountants)
  • Business Owners
  • Directors & Managers (board members, directors, CEOs, CFOs, business managers, division heads)

About confidentiality

We do not want information about an M&A Opportunity to be generally known in the market. How will DEALGATE assure confidentiality? The posting member decides which member groups will be able to see the brief and confidential profile summary. Interested members are able to contact the member who has posted an M&A Opportunity for further information. It is at the sole discretion of the posting member to decide with whom to continue the exchange of information. The name of the posting member and the target remain confidential – unless the two parties agree to share further information concerning the opportunity.

About technology and data security

Which standard encryption technology does DEALGATE utilize? 128 bit – SHA1, which is the standard Internet encryption method used in the world wide web.
Where is the server located? Switzerland
How secure is my password? The client’s password is protected by a high security standard - comparable with e-banking password-security. Our team is not able to read or decode passwords.
I forgot my password & username. Can you please send it to me? If you forget your password you can request a new one here . If you forget your username, just let us know.
I am not able to enter the platform. Close your browser and restart it again. If trouble persists, please contact us directly.


If you still have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.